Are you looking for staff? Then look no further! Let us provide you with a language specialist who has been quality assured by us. We recommend using our teachers to cover PPA time for class teachers. In order for language teaching to be effective, the lessons should be fun, engaging, progress driven and delivered by a language specialist. Good subject knowledge is key to ensuring that your students develop a positive and confident approach to language learning from the very beginning. We are able to supply language teachers nationwide so please contact us for further information and prices.


The company was conceived as it was becoming clear that despite languages being made compulsory, very little impact had been made on student progress within the subject when they reached secondary level. We felt that primary schools needed support with what to teach and how to teach it. We realise that at present there are primary teachers who are being thrown in at the deep end and are having to deliver language lessons to their own classes. However if the teacher has little or no support, the children are at risk of either being taught incorrect vocabulary, poor pronunciation or are having it modelled to them that languages are something to worry about and lack confidence in.

Our ethos is that students should have fun and be taught by subject experts. They also need to have well-planned lessons that are rigorous and follow a scheme of work that allows pupils to develop in skills and competencies throughout primary school until they reach secondary level. By committing to providing the children within your care with subject experts, you are in turn raising their chances of success at GCSE.